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What is Resysten® coating?

Resysten® Resysten® is a photocatalytic hygienic coating system developed by Hungarian scientists. Using the energy of light reaching the surface, it exerts its hygienic effect, creating an uninhabitable environment for biological contaminants. The coating system has been on the market for more than 7 years and proved to be successful in many sectors. Resysten coating system does not contain biocides and is not covered by Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 on the marketing and use of biocidal products..

Our purpose is to create a safer and healthier world for all.

Everyday dangers

From a hygienic point of view, any area or surface that people come into contact with can be considered critical. The most common way of spreading viruses and bacteria is to touch the infected surface. In the office, while shopping, while traveling, or in a fast-food restaurant, any object touched poses a potential health risk.

How effective is the coating?


Resysten® photocatalytic hygiene coating system keeps harmful biological contaminants away and creates a hygienic microenvironment on its surface where they cannot adhere and create habitat. Its effectiveness is confirmed by both laboratory results and extensive practical measurements.

How long is it effective?

The unique feature of the system is that it binds to the substrate at the molecular level, so it cannot be removed by conventional means. It maintains its effectiveness for one year, thus protecting the environment from the presence of pathogens for over a long period of time

Who uses Resysten® coating?

Resysten coating has been introduced to the market after many years of research and development, with significant success in public transport, healthcare, office space, the food industry and many other areas. We offer a durable and preventive solution that can be applied easily and extensively in sectors where many people visit regularly or the hygienic environment is of paramount importance. The effectiveness of our coating can be measured and checked. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority, therefore we are committed to provide our service in a unique way with our guarantee.

Clients we are already working with for a safer, more hygienic environment:

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A continuous and effective solution

against hazardous pollutants for a whole year

How does it get to the surface?


Resysten® coating is applied to the surfaces by a professionally trained team. We provide our service through one of our many contracted partners with constant quality assurance and strict control for maximum efficiency. The coating system is applied in several coats. The treatment of 1000 m2 takes about 5-8 hours (without preparation time, depending on the complexity of the surface), the drying time of the treated surfaces is only a few minutes.

Can be applied to any surface. The homogeneous surface, which guarantees long-term protection, has no effect on the substrate and remains invisible on glass surfaces.

It is safe

Resysten® coating system does not contain biocides and is not covered by Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 on the marketing and use of biocidal products.

It can be applied to all sort of different surfaces even to electrict devices and screens. The formed protective layer is invisible it does not alter the physical properties of the treated surface.. In recent years, Resysten®coating system has successfully faced the toughest challenges, such as the protection of escalator barriers on Budapest’s metro lines, or various areas of the food industry that are extremely sensitive to hygiene. The effectiveness of the coating is confirmed by official laboratory results.

How to check its effectiveness?

The effectiveness of Resysten® technology is periodically tested by an ATP ( Adenosine Triposphate) test device ATP is present in all living cells and is therefore an indicator of biological contamination of e.g. human or bacterial origin. The instrument numerically displays the amount of organic matter on the examined surfacein RLU ( Relative Light Unit). The measured light is proportional to the ATP level

Regular inspection of the tested surfaces showed excellent results even in the most difficult conditions. It is clear from the data measured with the instrument that Resysten® coating system greatly improves the hygienic condition of the treated surface and maintains its effectiveness for a long time

With Resysten® solution, you don’t have to worry.
All surfaces will be more resistant to viruses and pathogens,
we will prove it with measurements and a 1-year contractual guarantee!

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